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What to do when your old furniture does not fit in your new house

7th Jan 2013

Moving is one of life's most stressful events, and with the excitement of the move, it is easy to forget to check if all your belongings will fit in the new house. Many people move into their new home, only to find their old furniture does not fit quite as well as it did in the old house.

It might be that the house is smaller than before, and the furniture appears oversized in the new house. In some cases, it might not even make it through the door if the dimensions of the doors are too small.  Or perhaps there is just too much furniture, too many tables and chairs, or too many beds.

Planning your move carefully should always include deciding exactly where everything will go before you move, so you do not get any last minute surprises on moving day. If you do that and find that you can't take everything, you have three main options:

  1. Only take some of the furniture
    Be selective about which furniture you take with you and only take the best quality furniture, or furniture with particularly sentimental value.  Anything that is broken, or you think you should take 'just in case' can definitely be left behind.
  2. Give away old furniture
    Moving house can be a great time to do some spring cleaning and get rid of things you don't really need. This includes furniture which needs replacing or upgrading so it can fit into your new house.
  3. Sell the old furniture
    Make a fresh start and get a whole new look for the new house.  It may seem extreme, but selling your old furniture can be simpler than trying to juggle everything and finding a way to make it work in your brand new home.  

If you have to replace anything when you move, beds and sofas should be the first things you consider replacing with something smaller.  These items are the most likely to show wear and tear, with the sofa cushions sagging, and mattresses no longer giving you the support you need.  Dreams beds start from as small as 2'6 for a small single bed so you can guarantee it will fit in any bedroom, and they even take away your old mattress for recycling.

It is easy to accumulate too many things when you live somewhere for a long time, but it can be much harder to get rid of it. A common theme that stops people from reducing the amount of belongings they have is the fear they may need it 'some day'.  That day usually never comes.   and storing any excess in your house takes up valuable space, while putting it in storage can be very expensive.

Treat yourself to a new look for your new home and only take what you really need, or better yet, but new furniture that will match the size, layout and décor of your new home perfectly.


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