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GVA is one of the leading UK commercial property advisers working at the heart of some of the UK’s most exciting property projects. Our experience in the commercial property industry spans close to 200 years. This, combined with our strong regional office network, makes us the commercial property partner of choice for some of the UK’s top public and private sector organisations.
Property Management
GVA delivers a range of specialist property management services to investors, developers and public sector organisations across the UK. Our property management services range from financial management and front-of-house services to offer a 24/7 helpdesk for tenant enquiries. We build long term relationships with landlords and tenants alike, creating maximum value for everyone in the property management process, whether the asset in question is an office block, a shopping centre or a mixed use development. 
Property Consultants
GVA is one of the leading firms of property consultants in the UK. We are the only leading independent property consultant, and our award winning staff use insight and passion to deliver progressive solutions that drive your success in changing times. We host regular events and join forces with other top property consultants to influence public policy and drive debate and change in commercial property.
Property Development
We use our experience in the political, commercial and legal issues of property development to support our public and private sector customers through all stages of the development lifecycle. Property development is key to driving commercial, regeneration and corporate objectives, and our Financial Consulting team creates bespoke and innovative funding solutions to fund these crucial property development initiatives.
Property Investment
Property investment underpins the commercial property industry, and our Investment teams across the UK strive to support the key national and international players in this sector. We advise clients in all aspects of buying, selling of, or managing, property investment portfolios, working closely with them to understand their property investment objectives. We pride ourselves on maximising value, minimising cost and delivering the very best in client services every time.
Asset Management
Asset management is about ensuring your property works hard, facilitates business planning and enhances business performance. Asset management can help deliver impressive efficiencies through portfolio rationalisation, workplace collaboration, procurement, financial restructuring and estates management. GVA's asset management approach includes creating a strategy and implementation plans, outlining the likely financial benefits and the operational changes needed.

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