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Advice for Preparing Your Home For Sale in NI

  • Your home should be clean and uncluttered
  • Your furniture should be arranged to use the space to best effect
  • Lights should be on, even during the day, to give a bright impression
  • Consider pot pourri or aroma pouches for fresh smells
  • Keep pets and children out of sight and sound
  • Gardens should be trim and tidy
  • Light the way to the front door and make sure it is neat
  • Make sure your street number is clearly displayed near the front door
  • Allow the potential buyers time by themselves to chat privately (don't crowd out or hassle)
  • Don't follow visitors into rooms as that may make rooms appear smaller
  • Turn off televisions and radios
  • Replace dead light bulbs
  • Fix door handles, windows, latches and creaking doors and floors
  • Keep bathroom and kitchen clean and smelling fresh
  • Ensure the windows are clean
  • Point out security features such as special locks and lights
  • End the tour in the best room so everyone leaves with a good impression

Remember to:-

  • Let your estate agent know where you are at all times
  • Make sure the sales brochure is accurate
  • Make sure the estate agent is aware of all the best features
  • Be accommodating when arranging viewing times
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  • Email to a friend

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